Q&A: I hate today. I need GOOD advice….?

Question by LaDeDa: I hate today. I need GOOD advice….?
Today my friend predicted it would be a bad day….Well it is. And I was bored in art class and we had nothing to do. So I went over to this guy I liked and his 2 Friends, which are also my friends. Everything was good blah blah blah and then I asked “what would you do if you were bill gates” Cause the conversation stopped and I just wanted to ask 🙂 and then (((( theres guy #1 the guy I like, Guy#2 the rude one Guy #3 is silent guy)))) Then guy#2 says ” Id buy myself some new glasses”and he was referring to me but I just ignored it. Then I asked Guy#3 he says something and guy#2 is all Id buy plastic Sudry to make myself taller and the he stopped laughing at me about the glasses thing…I dont thing Guy#1 laughed…..he just stood there hating on bill gates! Guy#2 was my friend, now hes a fucking bitch!! What should I do? Im VERY sensative…..but I hide it. I cant just contiue on…..My feelings were hurt man….idk what to do….
If I told him hed be rude and probably say he doesnt care..

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Answer by rosie
maybe tell Guy #2 how you felt about his remarks.

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