Q&A: I want to find a good Biography about FDR.?

Question by Justin L: I want to find a good Biography about FDR.?
I want to learn more about the man, but is there a biography out there about him that is much like “With Malice Towards None: A Life of Abraham Lincoln” as in it is more like a story.

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Answer by Çoołïô§i§®
Well, I can tell you some stuff. He was the 32nd president, and was the only one to get elected 4 times. 2 years before he became president, he was the Governor of New York. He was born in Hyde Park, New York. No matter where he went, he always returned to his Hyde Park home. He contracted this disease that was common in the 1950’s, but now it is rare to be seen. Since he contracted polio (the disease), his legs were paralyzed. His hobbies were to grow trees, collect stuff for his Maritime Collection, swimming, boating, and that were his hobbies. He has his own memorial, too. Here’s a picture of it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:FDR_Memorial_wall.jpg . If it’s not linked, cop[y and paste it in the Google looker. Once, when signing some papers, FDR slumped over in his chair. Several hours later, he died. Here’s a picture of where he’s buried: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:FDR_Grave.JPG . (Again, if it’s not linked, put it in the Google looker.) He helps us today by doing stuff important for lots of people. It helps us live our (good) lives today.

Hope this helps!

P.S. I didn’t know what you meant (I am only 8), so I just gave you facts about him.

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