Q&A: If “Abraham Lincoln” a ‘republican’ freed the slaves,and “Ronald Reagan” a ‘republican’ gave amnesty.?

Question by az1070: If “Abraham Lincoln” a ‘republican’ freed the slaves,and “Ronald Reagan” a ‘republican’ gave amnesty.?
Why are 90% of Blacks, and 95% of so called Latinos/ Hispanics are registered and vote for Democrats?
I wish that this question could go viral.
Do you really need a link ? listen to yourself. so please answer this,why does the world celebrate Colombus(colon) day?.

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Answer by darrin b
So, are you saying that African-Americans and Latinos should be grateful to the Republicans that they’re no longer enslaved, overworked and underpaid or not paid at all?

Forget about the fact that Africans were brought here against their will to be slaves in the first place and were forced to work to make this country what it is.

Forget about the fact that Latinos were put to work to harvest the food for this nation, many times overworked and underpaid.

And you think they should be grateful because such treatment, that never should have happened in the first place, no longer exists?

If you were to do some research, you’ll find the real reason why Lincoln freed the slaves.

And you should also learn the real reason Reagan granted amnesty.

Trust me, none of it was done out of the goodness of their hearts.

Btw, the Republicans of Lincoln’s day, aren’t the same Republicans of today.

And provide a link that shows that 90% of Blacks and 95% of Latinos are registered Democrats.

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