Q&A: IMPerVIOUS2EverYthinG: PLEASE READ THIS, this is my answer to your question “why don’t you believe in god” ?

Question by лев Михайлович нечаев: IMPerVIOUS2EverYthinG: PLEASE READ THIS, this is my answer to your question “why don’t you believe in god” ?
I post here, cuz I can’t answer you – server problem – and I can’t mail you. This is why I post my answer in this question, and it’s all for you ^^

Okay, to begin, thanks for your respect.

As you seem to me like a respectuous and clever believer, I suggest you to please click on my profile and answer, if you want, my two previous questions, and especially the next one I have not posted yet.

(I’m french so forgive my weak english ^^)

There are many kinds of atheists, and I see in Yahoo many people who pretend to be ones, saying lies – or misunderstood truth about atheism.
I am a (so – called) “hardcore atheist”.
That is a word created from believers or “spiritual atheists”, I don’t recognize myself with this word. I would just say –
“I am an atheist”.

agnostics say: “humans can’t say that God exist or not, this is far beyond human intelligence”.
And, in one way, I think they are right, and paradoxically more humble than christians – to say that…

But, as a true arrogant atheist (:p), I say, loudly:
“God does not exist”.

First of all, I think there’s no way of asking “why do you” or “why don’t you’, because you just can’t give up your beliefs…
That’s all…

And, if you wanna look further, I don’t believe in God, because it sets me free. it reassures me.
Argues ? There are many, I guess you have alrady heard them so many times…

“Human created God – it’s just a view of the mind”.

You become an atheist when you understand, so long, that the world, is not necessarely a creation that needs a creator. It seems impossible, I know, Very hard to figure out that.

I have read such philosophers. I was a STRONG believer, so death of God was for me a real, real sad thing.

I dislike believers who believe because they had not thought.
I dislike atheists who are because they have not thought.

So, why don’t I believe in God ?
A blend of things: my education, my thoughts…
Believing a God won’t help me.
Your question is half intersesting, half not. ^^

Cause as I said, I coud just respond
“There’s no such an explanation or a justification in a belief to give”.

But, in another way, question is worth it, I could make a choice, and believe, but for me – for ME – believing in God would make me a slave, and I feel so comfortable and – excuse my arrogance – just clever.

And, one for all, to answer many atheists or believers: atheism is not a religion.
Some people say “You believe in a lack of god, so you believe in something, which is an absence, so it’s something”.
NO, nope.

Thanks for your question,please leave me a feedback if you want me to say more, I love this question. ^^

“You say im going to hell
Well im already here!”

“If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for a reward, then, we are a sorry lot, indeed.”
Albert Einstein.

“Our ignorance is God; what we know is Science”.
FW Nietzsche

“God is dead, and God remains dead, because we have killed Him”.
FW Nietzche

“God is not dead, he’s just superfluous”
Alain Tête.
@ all: err… Have you read ? Ther’s no question in this question, because, this is an answer to a question from “IMPerVIOUS2EverYthinG” who posted: “why don’t you believe in god” ?

I CAN’T answer her because server refused to load my question. I could not answer, and I could not mail her. So I post this question, only way I have to respond…
I know it’s unusual, but i could not do it another way… I am sorry…
Anyway, thanks for your answers ^^
@ deviant:”big deal” ? I don’t understand. I really want to answer her, that’s all. Do you want me to add a question for the others ? Well, you maybe right, I should have done it. So, here’s my question, for the others:
“What are your thoughts and comments about my answer to this question ?”
@ angel a: What about learning french, tho ?
@ rhsauders: thanks for the link. Very interesting. I think I will read the book. It seems very clever.
@ nerdf: lol, I really like you !
@ mistigrette: my spanish is weak, but I understood – I think so. And, by the way, je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi – et maintenant, pourrais-tu me donner tes commentaires et réflexions sur mes arguments s’il te plaît ? Je pige le français, l’anglais, l’espagnol, l’Italien.
So feel free to express yourself in the linguage you choose sister – I like you 😉

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Answer by Angel A
yea well . what ever turns you on it is all;l french to me

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