Q&A: Is it worth it to explain to my Mary Kay consultant why I don’t want to give her business anymore?

Question by Brownie Locks: Is it worth it to explain to my Mary Kay consultant why I don’t want to give her business anymore?
I originally went to a Mary Kay party back in December to take one for the team. (My fiance hangs out with a friend who is friend’s with her husband. They aren’t close, and quite frankly my fiance can’t stand the husband, but I thought it would be a nice thing to do.) I had no intent of buying anything or becoming a “customer of Mary Kay” (aka, working for them). In the end I did decide to order some product and give it a go. About a month later, I was invited to a “get together”, which was actually the promotion of my consultant’s person above her. It was more like Mary Kay church, where people were witnessing to how fabulous working for Mary Kay is. I considered it but spoke with my consultant and told her the timing was not right. ( I am doing work toward my master’s degree and planning a wedding, plus I teach full time. Sure the extra money would be nice but I am *not interested*). Another month passed and I was interested in scheduling another appointment with her to discuss a color palette for makeup. (I am clueless with that sort of thing.) This is where things start to get hairy, and in my opinion, boundaries were stepped on. She told me she had a goal to meet by a certain date and that she *needed* me to bring two girls to a party, and she’d *prefer* I not reschedule. I felt she was being subtly pushy, making it *my* job to fulfill her goal. Plus, I had been to one of those parties already. I did not want to hear the schpiel for the third time about how I am a great candidate to work for Mary Kay. Also, I had already referred her to all of the women who I thought would be interested. My other friends would HATE going to one of those things, esp. when they really can’t afford to invest in the products. (I don’t care if I get “free stuff” for bringing them….besides, to me that feels like I’m using my friends, plain and simple.) Oh, and in the end of the converation, she throws in a “You’re awesome! I love you!”. 1.) The only reason she thinks I”m awesome is because I’m bringing her money. 2) The “I love you” is pretentious. We are not friends. This is strictly a business relationship, and I felt even more used after she threw that line at me. The more I thought about her attitude, the more it infuriated me. In the end, I cancelled my appointment and told her I had no intentions of rescheduling. Really, I would have been quite content to have a one on one with her….but at that point, I felt I did not have the tolerance for it. I figured if she asked why, I’d explain. She has contacted me twice since then to ask if “everything is okay, and she hopes it is something she didn’t do.” Part of me feels responsible for informing her, and part of me feels like I should just leave it and let it be. Why get more involved than I need to?

Also, while I”m on a Mary Kay rant, I really do like the product I’m using. Is there a generic “Mary Kay” online store I can buy it from, or do I have to find a consultant and join this crazy circus?

Thank you for your input!

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Answer by Ashley Of Hearts. <3
The only Mary Kay product I use is the eyeshadow primer, other than that.. the make-up/products are to expensive for the quality they hold.

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