Q&A: Is there a “G.E. GATE” in Barack Hussein Obama`s future?

Question by DJ WOLF: Is there a “G.E. GATE” in Barack Hussein Obama`s future?
G.E. (General Electric), the parent company of NBC & MSNBC ordered the networks to stop “criticizing” Barack Hussein Obama. They have supported Obama`s Presidential campaign and donated thousands to his campaign fund. Obama is pushing for his Cap & Trade bill, which I know the ruling Democrats is going to hand to him, the General Electric Company stands to make millions in government contracts in Obama`s clean energy program. Is this not a “conflict of interest” in Obama`s administration?
Why is it that the Dembots continue to back a man who has proven with his actions and words that he is corrupt to the bone and has endangered our lives by suppliying the “GAME-PLAN” to our enemies? I only hope that the next terrorist attack in our nation will blow-up right in their faces. Quit bringing up issues that have nothing to do with the question and face the real fact that Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Chuck Shummer, Harry Reid and others are nothing more than a bunch of crooks that are bankrupting our nation.

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Answer by Louis S
There are a lot of back-door deals being made.

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