Q&A: is this funny or what?

Question by The Lychens: is this funny or what?
bill gates dies and goes to heaven.st peter tells him for inventing microsoft u get a free pass into heaven. but u geta chance to check out hell!
so bill gates goes into hell and meets the devil. the devil tells him that in hell he has the choice of three doors.
he opens door number one and there are beautiful beaches with naked women prancing around…
wow..! he opens door number two and there is an open bar with any and all types of booze and drugs…!
door number three…
all the food that he could possibly imagine ….. and a big screen tv with unlimited sports..!
so bill gates goes back to saint peter and tells him am sorry but hell looks alot better than a golden harp eating olives forever…
St Peter informs him that it is a one time deal and there is no turning back.
Bill gates chooses hell.
so when bill gates goes back to hell he is met my the devil who grabs him and pulls him inside… the three doors have disappeared and in place there is a fire brimstone and sulfur lake…. and eternity of torment..
“oh, sorry … said the devil…Those were just our screensavers!”
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