Q&A: Question for Libs – if I get a $5K raise, does that leave 1.7 thousandths of a cent less for everyone else?

Question by truthisback: Question for Libs – if I get a K raise, does that leave 1.7 thousandths of a cent less for everyone else?
Is that how you think it works? That one person’s income is just there, flowing out of some well, and that there’s X amount of income and it either flows to a few or to the many? And that the amount of income generated isn’t a function of what the individuals who earn it do, thus the income Bill Gates “received” is automatically THERE rather than being the money he receives for producing that amount of wealth, and that if he didn’t “receive” it, it would still exist, just be “received” by the rest of us?

Some of the Lib answers on economic questions indicate that that’s your world view – – – which is basically a 6 year old’s world view.
Iltrix actually yes, I see this logic all the time from you folks. jsts22 posted “some guy makes too much money” ….. If it doesn’t come at anyone else’s expense, how can it be “too much”
Iltrix you’re an idiot. Do you know that? How is one person’s success “ripping off” someone else? That makes no sense.

People aren’t as ignorant as you hope they’ll be. You Libs speak in terms of “gaps” between people or groups because the absolutes refute your case. We’re ALL better off – – that the people who ended up in the top 1% are better off by even more is axiomatic – they’re in the top 1% after the fact – – – but (a) most of them WEREN’T in the top 1% before the fact, and (b) their gains didn’t come at your or my expense.

I’d rather my income increase in real dollars by K and have low unemployment and low inflation, knowing that someone else’s income increased by 0K, than to see my real income decline by K and try to find solace in the fact that the rich guy – who by the way is still rich – lost even more.

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Answer by MullahMurtha
Nit wit libs think it is a zero sum gain…if you become wealthy it has to be at someone elses expense.

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