Q&A: What I think about Donald Trump?

Question by Bobi G: What I think about Donald Trump?
Ok, first let me tell you that I am not really serious 🙂 about what you will read below…but why not?

1. Donald Trump and Miss USA:
You know what’s the real story…she denied to have sex with him and then he said “I will destroy your life!”.

2. DONALD Trump and Mcdonalds:
How come every time you enter MC you have only two choices:
Bigmac menu or Cheese burger…There are about only 5-6 junk foods to choose from…and now think again whether the name “DONALD Trump” and Mcdonalds are just coincidence of names 🙂

Have fun! :))

Best answer:

Answer by bulabate
Trump “SUCKS” on a higher level then Rosie!

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