Q&A: What is your idea of the American Dream?

Question by Nick M: What is your idea of the American Dream?
I think so many people have gotten the American Dream confused with the amazing wealth that has been produced because of it with what the American Dream really means. The American Dream is not owning a big house or new cars or fancy clothes. It is the fact that every American has this opportunity. This is the Land of Opportunity after all, not the Land of A Guaranteed house, car, education, and wealth. The American government doesn’t, or at least didn’t used to for most of the time, confiscate all of our rightfully earned money to give it away to lazy welfare dependents so they could sit around. To quote Abraham Lincoln “so that every man may make himself.” Because earning money and advancing upward in class was so easy and because Americans enjoy such a high standard of living that it became confused with the real American Dream. And now evryone thinks they are ntitked to wealth and the American Dream. They do not realize that they hav to work damn hard for it.

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Answer by dipstick
you’d be surprised how many people I meet in my line of work that have immigrated to the U.S. and were under the impression that the American dream was automatic and came for free without any hard work. Boy are they in for a shock.

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