Q&A: Who are some internet made celeberities?

Question by Village L: Who are some internet made celeberities?
The iternet has been around for a little more than 15-16 years (in masive popularity at least) I was trying to come up with a list of people who became famous because of the internet. Either somethinhg they did that made them famous, a website they built that caused celeberity status…..or even a photo or video that was put on the web and spread like wild fire that caused them to become famous….

I’m only looking for people who got their 15 mins of fame, Im not looking for answers like “bill gates” or the google guys.

Example of what I’m looking for:

The kid who made the milliondollarhomepage
Please make sure you give some details of who this person is so I can do some research on them / find them on the net. etc. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by ryan miller
uhhh Andy Milonakis and Gary Brolsma

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