Q&A: WHY are PEOPLE SO sick in the HEAD???!!!!?

Question by Photogal: WHY are PEOPLE SO sick in the HEAD???!!!!?
Here is a question asked by “fUnKi BaBi 69” – “Does anyone know where i can get footage of steve irwin’s death? I know its not a great thing to say at such an early time but my friend said there is footage of it on the net. Could you help me out?”

I don’t know about you but this question makes me want to throw up. What is wrong with people? All I know is that if someone were to ask this question and they were talking about my father/brother – I would be livid.
And another thing – what’s up with the name “fUnKi BaBi 69”? Why not just have the name “I’m a sick F-ck, who likes to give blow jobs”?
And yes, an actual answer would be nice, but I have to admit it is sort of a rant, sorry. Feel free to rant or answer or tell me to take a chill pill.

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Answer by Lady Killer
He’s a celebrity, it happens.

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