Question for everyone about the Evolution vs Creationism Debate?

Question by Sean: Question for everyone about the Evolution vs Creationism Debate?
Often times the topic of Evolution vs Creationism is brought up in the Religion section. Sometimes people ask the question if man evolved from apes why are there still apes?

My question here in this question is, do Creationists know the answer that Evolutionists and proponents of Natural Selection have put forward? Is there a scientific objection you have, or is it just a slogan you learned in church – why are there still apes/monkeys.

The idea behind why there are still apes has to do with geographic isolation of species. This is something someone named “Charles Darwin” wrote about in the 1800s. Don’t think of Charles Darwin as an evil man he was in fact, a Christian.

The idea is that there were some apes or monkeys who were in one part of the world who evolved into human beings, while there were other monkeys and apes who did not evolve. So it had to do with geography and not every ape evolved.

So, is it fair to say we won’t see why are there still apes?

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Answer by cvq3842
I think DEVO had it right – “God made man, but the monkey was a good idea too.”


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