Reasons To Shift From Disposable To Reusable Shopping Bags

Are you comfortable with the idea of taking reusable bags with you when you shop? Like everything else, the doing it for the first time isn’t exactly appealing. Because you are not used to it, you might experience a bit of inconvenience. However, if you were to be aware of what you are really missing out on just by dwelling on a small inconvenience, then maybe you might give it another thought. Using reusable shopping bags is growing in popularity because a lot of consumers are beginning to learn of the impact that ordinary plastic bags can have on the environment, and eventually, on us too.

Statistics show that over one trillion plastic bags are consumed per year, worldwide. And it can take up to a thousand years before a single plastic bag can be decomposed. Considering these facts, any conscious Earth-dweller would start thinking, where in the world have all those bags gone. And what about you?

For a long time now, the scenarios have been demonstrated before us. These plastic bags either accumulate in the landfills or are carried into the ocean, killing marine animals that mistake them for food. For plastics that do end up somewhere they can properly decompose, on the other hand, only photodegrade which means that they are only broken down to smaller pieces, which makes it easy for them to soak up toxins, leading to the contamination of soil and waterways. The rest of the story is something you can probably guess.. With this in mind, don’t you think it’s high time you use reusable customized bags that companies liked to give away last Christmas on your next trip to the department store? By doing this, you should realize that you are doing Earth, and everyone on it, a big favor. And in the same way that the home provides the sanctuary we need in our everyday life, the same goes for the Earth, except on a much larger scale in the way that it can impact our lives. This should make you realize why it is also important for you to do your part in protecting the environment.

In addition, another practical reason for making use of reusable bags, most establishments will charge for that extra bit of paper or plastic. Today, more and more stores are charging extra fees for these bags as their way of discouraging buyers from using conventional plastic bags and contribute to efforts to save our environment.

So if big industries already recognize the value of recyclable shopping bags, then what is stopping you? It is in your best interest to start acting now while something can still be done. The inconvenience you may find at first, can’t compare to the small benefit the entire environment can take advantage of out of your small act of concern.

The author is a frequent buyer. She says she always aspired to possess a customized bags as most of them these days are really fashionable and may be worn being an ordinary work bag.

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