Reid Duffy Chronicles: The Abraham Lincoln Museum in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Reid Duffy Chronicles. In this episode, Reid Duffy visits the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with Joan Flinspach, Director of the Lincoln Museum. This establishment was created by the Lincoln National Corporation, an Insurance company who leveraged Abraham Lincoln’s name after receiving permission from Robert Todd Lincoln, and later honored our former president with this museum. The Lincoln Museum features several historical artifacts and interactive displays about Abraham Lincoln’s life, and his involvement with the Great Experiment. The Lincoln Museum is located in downtown Ft. Wayne, Indiana on East Berry Street. This is from Episode 2, Segment 3 of the Reid Duffy Chronicles. Reid Duffy is an Indianapolis newscaster reporting for WNDY Indianapolis, and previous to that worked as an on-air personality for the ABC affiliate in Indianapolis, WRTV 6 News.

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