Revealing Robert Kiyosaki Predictions For The Future

Revealing Robert Kiyosaki Predictions For The Future

A book that was in the top 5 positions on the New York Times Bestseller list for 290 straight weeks, with 13 years of success and 28 million copies sold worldwide rarely needs any introduction and Robert Kiyosaki and his motivational book series “Rich Dad Poor Dad” can certainly attest to that. Why not consider advice on obtaining success from a man who was once named on a “30 Entrepreneurs We Most Admire” list?

In his groundbreaking book, Kiyosaki touches upon the two most influential persons in his life. They are two men with two totally different attitudes regarding all aspects of finance and success. He describes the positive outlook of one father, and the negative outlook of the other. His “poor” dad had the attitude that “You can’t afford to do this,” and sadly, manifested a life of poverty. The other, his “rich” dad rose to wealth by teaching the proper mindset for success and instilling in him the mantra, “Let’s see how we can make this a possibility for you.”

He learned valuable lessons about economic security, self-perception and the power of working for himself from both of his fathers – the rich dad and the poor dad-and what he learned has little to do with college degrees or extensive education. Quite simply, Kiyosaki tells us that opening our minds to the right questions can open our lives up to unlimited possibilities. Working for yourself will help you retire comfortably because when you believe and invest in yourself, you have more power and control over your future. Kiyosaki knows this from life experience and continues to document his path to success throughout his best-selling books, DVDs, games and seminars.

Robert Kiyosaki explores the powerful life lessons he received from his “rich” dad. This was the father who taught him financial freedom and showed him first-hand how to make his money work for him, so that he didn’t have to work so hard for his money. This dad showed him step-by-step how to exponentially increase wealth by becoming a business owner, rather than working for someone else at a job (just over broke) that would never get him ahead financially.

Kiyosaki demonstrates how you can do less work and make more money and how wealth is accessible to us all. He and mega-mogul Donald Trump are huge proponents of direct sales and network marketing opportunities as a great start to an entrepreneurial career and building a business that will be around long after we are gone – something we can pass on to our children for generations to come.

When you make the decision to start your own business, you are in the driver’s seat and in control of your future. You have no boss that can control you, your income, your time, or your freedom. You’re investing in yourself and your future and direct sales companies in particular, traditionally have low start-up costs and huge upsides for potential profits. The training and support in these companies is also cutting-edge and a valuable asset for developing solid business and sales skills in order to raise your financial thermostat and bank account.

Through these life-learned lessons, Robert Kiyosaki encourages his readers to consider direct sales companies as the start to entrepreneurial ventures by creating assets in the form of other business owners and investors underneath you. This is in lieu of creating further liabilities by having employees or self-employed individuals below you as most other companies do. Direct sales companies provide wonderful opportunities to develop important business and sales skills, even providing you with cutting-edge training and support. One must be willing to learn new things in order to expand our knowledge and prosper.

Investing in yourself through making the decision to work for yourself is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn. Why not invest in your future, rather than your boss or company’s future? When you begin building towards your own future, you will feel a new sense of confidence, inspiration, and you may even stop daydreaming and start really living.

If you’d like to start understanding more about the future of our economy and are looking to attract more wealth in your life, visit our blog post on Robert Kiyosaki predictions to take your life to to the next level.

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