Review Of Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrant Book by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

Review Of Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrant Book by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

This is the second book in the Rich Dad series. Robert introduces the four quadrants E – Employee, S – Self employed, B – Business owner, I – Investor and shares with the reader how each person in each quadrant operates. He goes on to explain the changes needed for a person to get from the E or S side of the quadrant to the B and I side. He cited the benefits which come from being on the B and I side which will lead to financial freedom compared to being on the E or S side. Getting a paycheck to pay off bills will not make anybody wealthy. The last seven chapters illustrate how you and I can get onto the financial fast track through constant and consistent actions recommended by Robert.

After reading this book, I am well informed of the type of changes I need to undergo and what it takes to get to the B and I side of the quadrant. It’s a total mindset and behavioral change as I myself operate out of the E quadrant. The activities carried out by a person on the B and I side will not make any sense to the person on the E or S side. Some of the many new ways of thinking emphasized in the book that all of us have to adopt are:


Working for free: There will not be any positive cash flow coming in during the initial period of a startup. Delayed gratification: Many people want to solve their money woes instantly. But it’s only through patience and diligently increasing our financial intelligence that we will be rewarded later on by taking small steps each day. Investing is not risky: Without the proper knowledge and skill, many people will find investing risky as they have lost money previously in the stock market or mutual funds through some unreliable source. To them investing is like gambling. Finding mentors: They are there to guide you through your journey. They are people whom you can turn to when you run into trouble. Not everyone will want to be your mentor provided they you able to help them in their area of interest. Making mistakes: Expect things to go wrong and learn from the mistakes made. Losing is part of winning. Time is your most valuable asset: The rich spend money to save time whereas the poor and middle class spend time to save money.

This book is a must read for people who are thinking of embarking on the process of becoming financially free. I would also like to recommend that you read Rich Dad Poor Dad first if you have not done so. Rich Dad Poor Dad provides the financial basics and fundamental concepts needed for Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrant. Get it now!

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