Robert Kiyosaki Overview

Robert Kiyosaki Overview

Robert Kiyosaki is many things; an author of self-help books, an investor, a business man, as well as a motivational speaker. Without doubting though, Robert Kiyosaki is known best as the bestselling author of a series titled Rich Dad, Poor Dad . Robert Kiyosaki has become one of the leading voices in educating people in the area of developing their own personal finances. With twenty-six books in theRich Dad series, Robert Kiyosaki has sold more than twenty-seven million books worldwide. His works have been translated in fifty-one different languages for markets in a hundred-and-one various countries across the world, eventually leading him to countless bestsellers lists across Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico, and South America.

Robert Kiyosaki’s first book Rich Dad, Poor Dad was a sensational hit from the get go and has been on the New York Times best sellers list for six years as of November 2007. The sequel to Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant also landed on New York Times best sellers as did a third book titled Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing. These three books were concurrently on top ten bestsellers for The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today, and The New York Times, which all just happen to report to Publisher’s Weekly. In reviewing publications of 2005, Publisher’s Weekly applauded Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad, Poor Dad for performing way beyond a publisher’s expectation. Robert Kiyosaki was also inducted in’s Hall of Fame in 2005, coming in the top twenty-five, at number twenty-three, just edging out the likes of such literary geniuses such as Tom Clancy and William Shakespeare (!). With all these accomplishments Robert Kiyosaki has become one of the most successful writers of motivational books of a financial nature.

The purpose and mission of Robert Kiyosaki is aimed to help people achieve economic success and stability. Robert Kiyosaki has a certain style in motivating, and his attitude towards money is defiant and pro-active. These values have found its way into his many books of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, and in their deliverance has helped many people understand how to make money work for them. Applying these learnt skills, which develops into financial literacy, and as Robert Kiyosaki believes, will create an understanding of how to use money in the real world. Concepts and attitudes, along with definitions of words such as wealth and assets, determines how somebody handles money, and the way Robert Kiyosaki understands it, if somebody has the right attitude and defines such key words properly than anyone will be on the right track in achieving financial success. Robert Kiyosaki stresses this point severely because he believes that if people learn how money works through various processes such as accounting, law, etc, people will have the right idea of how all money in the world is earned and spent. Robert Kiyosaki reinforces these ideas in a series of board game he has called Cashflow which has for its main theme things concerned with how all money in the world is made, created, spent, and accumulated.

If people would learn these skills they would understand how money works in the real world and would avoid falling into debt at an early stage in life. Furthermore, Robert Kiyosaki argues that the way people define such words as wealth and assets relates to how these people achieve financial security. Robert Kiyosaki believes that people think of assets as things like big screen televisions, cars, and homes when really they are liabilities, expenses that eat into your income and in turn do not make any money. Robert Kiyosaki’s definition of assets is that assets are things that earn money, that generate income, and put money into your pocket, and not expensive, luxury, or material goods. So naturally Robert Kiyosaki believes that learning these skills a young age will go along way in developing an attitude that will make you smart about money and achieve wealth.

Robert Kiyosaki has teamed up with Sharon Lechter in the writing of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books, and his wife Kim Kiyosaki in the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Corporation. All three of them, Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, and Sharon Lechter are co-founders of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Corporation. Mrs. Kiyosaki has developed her own line of Rich Women, Poor Women which expresses many of the exact same views of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad but in a different way, directed towards a different audience. Much of the success of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Corporation is based on the reinforcement of financial principles, thus the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Corporation concepts and attitudes towards money are all expressed complimentary throughout all the different product lines.  All the products mentioned up to now include all of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad twenty-six books, the Rich Women, Poor Women series, and the Cashflow board games, but the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Corporation also has an series of books that are more technical in nature but are meant to be comprehended easily and to provide an advisory account of different topics, not to mention the series of audio and visual products such as tapes, CDs, and DVDs and software.

As Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad, Poor Dad Corporation’s main area of expertise is in the financial world, and their major talent and success is that of educating the masses, it then would not be surprising to see them on many television shows, as radio guests on different radio shows, and of course their own lectures and events. All this positive exposure to the products of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Corporation has lead to a vast subculture, a community of likeminded people sharing the same dream of financial success and security, and who are all willing to take the necessary actions to begin their pursuit. So it should be of no shock that Robert Kiyosaki teamed up with one of the most famous and successful real estate tycoons, Donald Trump in 2007 to co-write a book titled, Why We Want You To Be Rich , which tackles questions and fears that are arising in this time of economic uncertainty. With this community of followers, of believers in Robert Kiyosaki’s financial philosophies, than it should be of no surprise that Robert Kiyosaki will continue to be a source of inspiration in the pursuit of financial freedom for years to come.

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