Robert Kiyosaki, Who Is Going To Lose Their Employment? Will It Be You?

Robert Kiyosaki, Who Is Going To Lose Their Employment? Will It Be You?

Who is going to lose their employment? What can you do to change it?

Robert Kiyosaki shares what is happening on in the USA, Great Britain, and the world. To discover what you need do to put yourself in a good position, in the global economy, keep reading now…

Robert Kiyosaki – The US

Unemployment is currently reported to be 10% in the US. In actuality, it is much higher when you incorporate people that have been seeking a job for an extended period of time – and are now hopeless.

The main reason, Robert states, is because salaries in the USA, the UK, Europe, and Japan are substantial. Today, wages in the US are notably higher than emerging countries. Personally, residing in Mexico, for the last 4 years, I found out that the incomes do not compare to the USA.

Think about it, why in the world would business leadership teams, attempting to slash costs and strengthen profitability, pay so much more for similar services they can outsource to people in emerging countries? Therein lays the main issue.

What is amazing to see, these days, is that workers in the federal government, not state and local, are being pay higher salaries and receiving many more benefits than employees in the private realm. This makes economic matters worse.

The United States needs to print more currency and raise taxes to afford these new high-paid people. (Remember the value of the US dollar is no longer attached to gold, so the Fed can print as much as they require.) That results in a swell in inflation.

Robert Kiyosaki – The UK

Robert Kiyosaki was in the UK, this June, and talked about what he found out. He tells us that England’s government has declared war, in a manner of speaking, on the poor, parents, and the middle class by eliminating several of the social programs they have depended upon.

England is taking these actions to cure their financial circumstances. They must, in order to prevent going bankrupt in the next 5 years.

The United States ought to learn something from Great Britain. Unfortunately, they are increasing the danger of economic disaster if they keep on their present course. (Bankruptcy is projected to happen within ten years unless changes are made.) Yet, government officials are more focused on what takes place between elections instead of implementing the best course of action for the long run.

What Can You Do To Change It?

Here is what Robert Kiyosaki said…

“Rather than looking for a high paying job, I continually recommend starting your own business, educating yourself financially, buying silver rather than saving cash, preparing for the worst. If the bust never comes, you’ll still be better off in the long run.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Many people are acting on Robert’s recommendations. They are getting into network marketing. Why is that? Because this gives everybody an opportunity to be rich. And you only need a small investment to get established.

It was shocking to hear the numbers. One of my mentors, Dave Wood, stated that there are over 175,000 people getting into network marketing companies, all over the world, every week. That is astonishing. Talented folks seeking ways to add to or replace their wages.

And the reality of network marketing is that about 95% do not attain the results they want. They struggle, go out of business, or basically stop. It does not have to be like that.

How would you feel, if you could lie in bed, tonight, thinking that your family’s future was secure?

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This is a montage of Robert Kiyosaki appearing on; CNN, KTLA, TODAY, The Early Show, FOX News and many others. He talks about debt, education, predictions, and also talks with Donald Trump.

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