Shopping For Hardside Luggage? Here Are The Pros And Cons

The next time you shop for a sturdy piece of luggage that will protect your belongings, consider purchasing hardside luggage. While it comes in many different colors and patterns to make your bag distinctive, this type of luggage does more than just make your bag easy to find. Here are some of the reasons why you may or may not want to invest in this sort of suitcase.

Pro: Rigid Shape Protects Your Belongings — One major benefit of hardside luggage is its rigid case. Typically made from polycarbonate or aluminum, hard cases lack the flexibility of the more common nylon ones. So when your suitcase goes through the rough treatment of baggage handling, your breakables are better protected in a hard case.

Pro: Lightweight Case — Most airlines will charge you additional baggage fees if your luggage goes over a specified weight. To help keep your suitcases under the weight limit and to avoid the extra fees, make sure that you invest in and use lightweight suitcases. This is one of the reasons why hardside luggage is a great choice. Many lightweight models are available for sale, giving you a greater weight allowance for packing your belongings.

Pro: Easily Organized — So you think that a hard suitcase is just an empty plastic box? If so, you’re in for a surprise. Much of the hardside luggage for sale is equipped with built-in divider panels that keep your clothing and your other items separate. There are also zippered pockets and straps in many models.

Con: Rigid Shape Doesn’t Squeeze Into Small Spaces — While a rigid case is excellent for protecting your belongings, it does have a disadvantage that soft luggage can usually accommodate. If you try to cram your suitcase into a compartment that is smaller than your case, you are unfortunately out of luck.

Con: Cheap Cases Are Easily Breakable — If buying hardside luggage, be sure to invest in a good brand. If opt for a cheap case to save some money, you may have trouble with it later. Cheap hard cases are made from flimsy material. You run the risk of claiming your bag with a large hole or crack in it.

Con: Glossy Finish Fades — Many hard luggage styles come with an attractive glossy finish on them. It’s pretty when it first arrives in the mail or you bring it home from the store. However, while you should love the color, avoid becoming too attached to the gloss. It can wear away as quickly as after the first trip you take with your new luggage.

A good quality piece of hardside luggage will be durable, lasting you through many airport trips. So it’s a great idea to consider buying some for your next trip. However, just like any other item that you shop for, it’s not for everyone. So make sure that you know what you need in a suitcase, hardside or softside, before you make any purchase.

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