Should Sean Penn admit he is Homophobic, apologize and take sensitivity training?

Question by Stone K: Should Sean Penn admit he is Homophobic, apologize and take sensitivity training?
Just an article about the filming of the Harvey Milk movie going on in San Fran.

Please note Sean Penn’s Comments when discussing people he dislikes. He refers too Sean Hannity as “the **** boy of Rupert Murdoch”.

So since saying anything negative about people in today’s society (Particularly if it is about race, sexuality or gender) means having to take sensitivity classes and making a public apology, when can we expect Sean Penn to do so?
My point is, had anyone else said the same thing in a public forum such as that, it would be news and they would be seeing a backlash… I am wondering where the moral outrage is…
mogolon: True enough, however it can not be ignored that in recent years words are consider equal to action. A crime becomes a “Hate crime” if some one mutters a derogatory comment durring the crime.

Trust me San Fran loves it’s hate crime laws.
About: My point is there seems to be a great deal of hypocracy when dealing with freedom of speech.

A conservative comentator make a comment like the one Penn makes and it is headline news and splashed across every liberal media outlet. However penn makes not only a slanderous comment, he also makes a comment that is a derogatory comment towards Gay men and not one mention or out cry.

If we want freedom of speech then every one mush face the same standards… don’t you agree?
Nokia: gee which one of your accounts are you useing to answer?

And what a mindless answer it is.

Oh no you question my sexuality! How will I ever cope?

you are truly sad…

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Answer by asianman
That sort of thing cost Isiah Washington and Dog the Bounty Hunter their jobs.

Why is Penn immune from the same treatment.

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