Sony LCD HDTV Best In Class

Sony LCD HDTV Best In Class

It’s hard to imagine a more respected brand in home electronics than Sony. Sony LCD HDTV sets dominate the market in LCD HDTVs, no doubt because of the strength of the Sony brand.

Sony History

Sony’s rich history in the electronics industry is one reason the Sony LCD HDTV brand is so strong. The Sony Corporation began in 1945, when Masaru Ibuka and his colleague Akio Morita overcame the adversity that faced the Japanese at the end of the Second World War and started a radio repair and tape recorder business called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K. An approximate English translation of the company name is “Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation.”

The partners continued to develop radio technology throughout the 1950s, successfully convincing Bell Labs to license transistor technology to their company. Ibuka’s company made transistor radios commercially successful for communication to the mass civilian market. The first pocket-sized transistor radio was manufactured by the company in about 1957, and ten years later the company was making 5 million units. The portable music that we take for granted today was pioneered by Sony.

Name Change Problems

Sony may be a great brand now, but it was far from an obvious choice for Ibuka and Morita. As they began looking for a more marketable name, they considered “TTK,” an acronym for their company’s name “Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo,” but a railway company, Tokyo Kyuko, was already well known by those three initials.

Another name they considered was “Totsuko” until they discovered that Americans found the name hard to pronounce. “Tokyo Teletech,” another name the partners looked at, had a nice ring to it, but it was already in use as a brand name by another American company.

At Last, A Brand Is Born

Finally, in 1955, the partners decided to call their company “SONY,” combining the latin word “son” with the familiar term for a little boy, “sonny.”

Sony’s bank urged the partners to add another word, like “Telecommunications” or “Electronics,” to their company name, but Morita insisted the brand be known simply as Sony. Morita did not want the company’s name to restrict it to doing business in any single product line or category of product.


All these years later, the Sony brand has held up very well indeed. Today consumers can find Sony LCD HDTVs in screen sizes from the smallest LCD HDTV screen Sony makes, a 12 inch Location-free TV that lets you watch TV wirelessly in any room of the house, to the largest Sony LCD HDTV screen, a Sony Bravia 52 inch model, the Sony brand stands for the highest in quality.

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