Supercarrier USS Abraham Lincoln CVN 72,San Diego 9-11-2010

Thank you for your prayers and support of our fine men and women in uniform, and for your prayers that world diplomats will find alternatives to going to war. There is no glory in war; it is hell on earth. No one who has seen war before wants to see it again. It is horrible, and no one wins. This video is of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln CVN72 as she deploys out of San Diego on September 11, 2010. Stationed in Everett Washington, they stopped in San Diego to pick up air wing equipment. Please keep these brave sons, daughters, wives and husbands in your daily prayers. Their families, children, must go through long periods without their loved ones all home. Every person on board this ship, and her escort ships, is someones dad or mom, someones wife or husband, someones daughter or son. Please pray for world peace. Are you interested in finding out ways to help and support those who are away serving our country and protecting us? Then visit this web site… The official motto of CVN72 is, “Shall Not Perish” which is from the final sentence of the Gettysburg address of President Lincoln, as recited at the begining of this second version of this film. CVN72 is the fifth supercarrier in the Nimitz-class. If you would like to learn more about the highly meritorious record of CVN72, you can start with this information linked below, Thank you for your prayers and support of our fine men and women in uniform, an for

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