Talmudic Judaist Michael bloomberg Hates Israel Christians Jews and Supports a New York Mosque

Michael bloomberg is a Judaist of the Talmudic faith. He takes kick backs to support the Mosque in New York City. Instead of helping starving Jews around the world reach Israel, he spent 0000000 on buying votes for his relection campaign. As Mayor of New York he can use his power to back his own financialy investments making him richer then ever. The Talmud says he has a right to lie, cheat, steal even murder to benefit himself. With his Billions he could pay for every Jew on earth to be returned to Israel and still be stinking rich. But Israel and the suffering of the Jewish People does not matter to Judaists who love money. The Mosque will mock the Jewish and Christian minority in the US. It is Muslims telling Christians and Jews to take a back seat to Islam. The Mosque is also meant to tell Israel the US will soon be turning their back on them. This goes wth bible prophecy as the United States will not back Israel in World War III

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