The Business of the 21st Century

The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki is one of the best books I have read regarding network marketing. Kiyosaki is a best-selling author and this book was written and published in 2009. This article is a review of this best-selling book by Kiyosaki. According to him, this business is Network Marketing. He even says in his book that if he was looking to start a business, he would do network marketing. Now that is pretty powerful coming from someone who has made a fortune in the business world.

In this book, he talks about building eight assets. He says network marketing is not about selling products, but about building financial assets. I am going to briefly explain the eight different assets that Kiyosaki speaks of in this book.

Asset 1: A Real World Business Education
Kiyosaki says that network marketing provides people with a world class business education. It is a hands-on experience like none other. It teaches you how to have an attitude for success and teaches you to dress for success. You can overcome your doubts, fears, and lack of self-confidence. It will help you develop people skills, communication skills, and time-management skills. Goal-setting and money management skills are another thing it will teach you. This education is priceless. If you are in a good network marketing company, you will learn these things.

Asset 2: A Proper Path of Professional Development
In this chapter, Kiyosaki discusses how he had become a millionaire and lost everything by the time he was 30. There is a winner and loser within us. The important thing is to not be a quitter. So many people give up in network marketing because they have ultimately given up on themselves. These are the losers or the quitters. When you let your fears, doubts, and low self esteem win, the loser emerges. Most people have not been properly trained to keep going, handle our disappointment, and not lose sight of our vision. It takes time to build a business. Don’t be a quitter or a loser.

Asset 3: A Circle of Friends Who Share Your Dreams and Values
So, I am sure you have heard “birds of a feather, flock together”. Kiyosaki talks about a time when he was fifteen years old. He knew he was going to be financially free. He started developing and nurturing relationships and friendships with people who cared about his financial freedom. In network marketing, some individuals are going to tell you to give it up. Take a good look at those people. Are they financially free? Start building relationships with people who share your dreams and values.

Asset 4: The Power Of Your Own Network
Kiyosaki’s rich dad once told him, “The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else looks for work.” The great thing about network marketing is that it allows you to build your own network instead of putting money in someone else’s pocket. Additionally, you do not have to be the inventor or the founder and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to make something work. All you have to do is pay a small start-up fee to start a network marketing business of your own and then start building your own network.

Asset 5: A Duplicable, Fully-Scalable Business
With network marketing, you have a duplicable system that can be passed to the people you share your information with. Keep it simple. You do not need to find great sales people for your team. In fact, you do not need to be one yourself. You just need people who are willing to share information that will make others’ lives better. Kiyosaki says that the thing that gives your business the most power is not what you can do, but what you can duplicate. It’s a simple process of invite, present, follow-up and train.

Asset 6: Incomparable Leadership Skills
According to Kiyosaki, leadership is what makes network marketing work. Leaders have a passion for teaching people and helping them to succeed. To be a good leader you must have complete control over your mind, body, spirit, and emotions. You need to teach your team the same. Make it duplicable.

Asset 7: The Mechanism For Genuine Wealth Creation
There are four simple steps to financial freedom. In his book he says the first one is to build a business. It takes time to build a business. Typically it will take five years to be profitable. Second, reinvest in your business. As a network marketer the best way to reinvest your money is in training. Purchase books, CD, DVDs, and seminars. Step three, invest in real estate. Kiyosaki says that using your income to purchase real estate is the least risky investment you can make. Step four is let your assets buy luxuries. Use your income to build your assets, and then use those assets to buy your luxuries. Do not spend your income on luxuries.

Asset 8: Big Dreams and the Capacity To Live Them
Kiyosaki says there are five different types of dreamers. The first type are those who dream in the past. The second are those who dream only small dreams. Third, are those who achieve a dream and then live bored. Fourth are those who dream big dreams with no real action plan to get there. Last, are those who dream big, achieve their dreams, and then dream bigger. Network marketing teaches people to dream big. It gives you the tools to get there as well.

If you are in network marketing, this book should be part of your library. It is a great book to give to someone who might be considering joining a network marketing company.

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