The Importance of a Tamper Evident Seal

For anybody who is not used to tamper evident security bags you very well may not really be familiar with several of the more vital features seen on them. Many of these features, such as a tamper evident seals, serve a specific function and when missing, could possibly leave your valuables open to tampering with. This information will explain the significance of this high security feature.

So What Is A Tamper Evident Seal?

A tamper evident seal is a special seal that makes any endeavors of tampering visibly evident. They come in several colors (I’ve seen yellow, blue, red, etc.) and thicknesses. What makes these seals so special is that any attempt to access or tamper with them will result in the tape showing and quite literally saying “TAMPERED WITH” or “VOID”.

A far more superior tamper evident seal is called a thermochromatic seal. One sophisticated method criminals use to tamper with security bags is to freeze or melt the adhesive and reseal it after the contents have been tampered with or even removed. Whenever a thermochromatic seal is there and this method is employed, the seal will become distorted or change colors clearly showing it has been tampered with. These seals are quite specialized and would not really right for security bags that are subjected to coming in contact with extreme temperatures on a normal basis.

Why Is A Tamper Evident Seal Important On A Security Bag?

Although single use adhesive seals are tamper evident to a degree, they don’t deliver the volume of security usually important for a tamper evident security bag. Security bags often transport high value objects including cash, jewelry, and sensitive corporate documents. Plus a crook using the know-how can easily remove or tamper with the contents without anyone else being the wiser. Tamper Evident seals protect against that through one of the most tampered with portions of the bag-the seal.

By not having a tamper evident seal for your poly bag, you may be leaving yourself exposed to many forms of tampering.

What Can Happen If I Don’t Possess a Tamper Evident Seal?

Well within a perfect world, nothing. However, if that had been the case then tamper evident security bags may have never been invented. Without the presence of proper security features, any contents carried with out a tamper evident seal are susceptible to become missing, altered, or otherwise changed from the intended condition.

Although the contents may arrive seemingly unopened, there could be little evidence of tampering without the proper safety features like a tamper evident seal. Only by ensuring your security bags have this high security feature, will you be able to ensure your contents are as secure as is possible during transport.

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