The Importance Of Understanding The Do’s And Don’ts Of Corporate Gift Giving

Giving corporate gifts is a must for good businesses. Giving corporate gift items at appropriate and relevant occasions foster good relations and nurture a semblance of personal interactions that, when managed well, is supposed to deepen business relations. Suffice it to say that corporate gift giving is a sound idea for businesses.

But it must be noted that around the world, varied cultures have various ways of giving, and more important, different interpretations for the kind of gifts given and received. Thus, it is important to be aware of what’s the culture of gift giving in a particular locale before you stock up on your corporate gifts.

Cards and calendars, pens, mugs calculators and clocks are considered as the safest corporate gifts. According to the OPEN by American Express(SM) Semi-Annual Small Business Monitor, the top corporate gifts as follows: cards or calendars; gift certificates for retail or restaurants; company branded items; fruit/food basket or charity donation; and flowers/plants and wine/liquor.

If you are doing business in these countries, you may come bearing corporate gifts: Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Bolivia, Columbia, Costa Rica, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. While in Asia and the Middle East, remember to use only your right hand, or both hands, as you offer your corporate gifts. Note though that in Japan and Hong Kong, you must use both your hands when you present your gifts.

Recipients of corporate gifts in Singapore will “graciously refuse three times” before accepting. But recipients of corporate gifts in Chile will accept and open the gift immediately. Meanwhile, small gifts are given quite often in Indonesia. It is also important to remember that your corporate gifts must not have your company logo if you are giving them to your business associates in Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Although it can be quite confusing remembering the many do’s and don’ts in giving corporate gifts in Singapore and in other countries, still you are at an advantage if you keep a slew of them in stock Remember that corporate gifts in Singapore are given as tokens to foster healthy business relations.

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