The Man that brought Kobe to the Lakers says Lebron has now surpassed him as the best in the NBA today?

Question by ONE: The Man that brought Kobe to the Lakers says Lebron has now surpassed him as the best in the NBA today?
Quoted from Legendary Laker, GM, and hall of famer…Mr. Jerry West.

” LeBron James is the best player in the NBA, surpassing veteran Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, 14-time All-Star guard Jerry West said Monday.

West, a shrewd judge of talent who brought Bryant to the Lakers when he was their general manager, said the Cleveland Cavaliers forward could become the league’s next Michael Jordan.

I look at Cleveland [and] say to myself, ‘How many games could they win without LeBron James?'” West told Reuters in an interview. “That’s how great he is.

“He has a chance to be arguably the greatest player ever to play the game.”

West, the NBA’s executive of the year with the Lakers in 1995 and the Memphis Grizzlies in 2004, said playing both ends of the floor was what made Jordan so great.

“Michael Jordan was the best defensive player in the league but he was also the best offensive player,” said West. “It wasn’t a one-year fluke, he proved it over time.

“LeBron James will do the same type of things because he’s getting better. He’s a much more effective shooter. When’s he’s making his shots from the outside, you can’t play him.

“He’s just too big, too strong, too quick. And he has incredible body control. But more than that, he’s a great teammate. You can see his teammates love him.”

West told Bloomberg Television in an interview that starting a team with James is a “no-brainer.”

“If you look at basketball today, it’s not always the big guys that win for you, it’s the intermediate-size guys,” West said, according to Bloomberg. “[He] can play four positions if you ask him to do so, and his ability to get everyone involved in the game is just remarkable for someone his age. I don’t know if there’s a better athlete I’ve ever seen play professional basketball.”

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Answer by Tony
Can anyone really argue with that? But I don’t think Jerry West liked that Shaq/Kobe drama from a few years ago. Also Lebron is more marketable as the face of the NBA. Just my opinion.

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