The Middle Class is Shrinking: Why is Robert Kiyosaki Smiling?

The Middle Class is Shrinking: Why is Robert Kiyosaki Smiling?

If you’ve read any of Kiyosaki’s books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Why We Want You To Be Rich” (co-authored with Donald Trump), or attended any of his training seminars, then you’re no stranger to the fact that we are currently facing a huge dilemma in this country (in fact, all around the world).

And it WILL impact each and every one of us (yes, you and me included).

So What’s The Big Debacle And How Will It Impact You?

The main problem we’re facing as a society as a whole is the inevitable result of the tremendous trend toward the virtual elimination of the middle class. Think about this for a minute. The middle class is shrinking so quickly that we’re quickly moving closer to having the population split between:

(1) The Ultra Wealthy and

(2) The Really Poor.

Kiyosaki has brilliantly brought these issues to the forefront of kitchen-table conversations all over the world. He has even gone as far as creating fun, educational board games to teach kids and adults how to escape “The Rat Race” and build true sustainable wealth.

So What Does This Mean To You?

Well, if you do as I did, if you look closely and carefully examine what Robert Kiyosaki has essentially done, you’ll notice that he’s done something so brilliant, so philanthropic, and so genius.

Kiyosaki Implemented His Vision:

(1) Educate as many people as possible on a simple process to get out of debt, develop some income-bearing assets, focus on developing multiple streams of income, and master the concept of financial leverage.

(2) Move away from being an employee and a self-employed, to becoming a business owner and an investor.

If you have been giving any serious thought to these fundamental concepts, and you haven’t yet taken action to change your life, well, quite frankly, you’re not only hurting yourself, but you’re also hurting people all around you.

Just imagine how great you would feel waking up every day, not to an obnoxious alarm clock, but awakening purely on excitement, motivation, and phenomenal levels of energy. You get out of bed superbly enlightened, feeling great because you’re independently wealthy and best of all, you have the free time to help others to live life more intelligently.

Yes, the middle class is shrinking, but the core essence of what Kiyosaki is teaching us is that ultimately, you have a choice of laying back and letting life lead you, or stepping up and controlling your own financial future.

So to answer the question I posed to you in the title of this short article, I would imagine that Robert Kiyosaki is smiling because he’s fortunate enough to already be enlightened AND to already have taken action on his vision. He’s probably also smiling because he has a wonderful wife, multiple multi-million dollar enterprises, and a vast network of income-producing assets. Why shouldn’t he be smiling?

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Frank Saffoori is an award-winning marketer, CEO of his own home business, and coach to 100’s of elite entrepreneurs. With an MBA and 10+ years of climbing corporate ladders, Frank moved on to pursue his dream of working smarter to achieve true time and financial freedom.

Space is very, very limited for Elite Entrepreneurs. Robert Kiyosaki on Goldseek Radio 17 July 2010

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