Think Before You Buy: MMA Gloves

Mixed Martial Arts started off without the use of MMA gloves. It wasn’t until 1993 when they became mandatory by request of the competitors in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC. Now every Mixed Martial Arts match require the use of MMA gloves. They work both ways: enable the fighter to deal a blow and, at the same time, protect their fists from being injured. MMA gloves are constructed to allow fighters to move their hands very well, thanks to its open palm and fingers. If we are going to categorize MMA gloves, it would be best to do that according to their purpose or function. They are sparring gloves, bag gloves, fight gloves, and hybrid gloves.

Sparring gloves are usually used in practice bouts, hence their other names: practice or training gloves. There are two types of sparring gloves, namely the traditional ones with finger slots, and the nontraditional one with a padded striking area and finger loops. As they are both designed for sparring, the final choice will depend on the fighters’ preference. Padding is more substantial with the sparring gloves, compared to other MMA gloves.

When heating a bag or striking pads, bag gloves are most handy since they are specially created to minimize the impact of strikes and hits. They are more densely padded and usually include a grip bar and increased wrist support. They should never be used for sparring or fighting because they can be quite injurious. They are made for bag hitting only.

MMA fighting specifically makes use of fight gloves. If you compare the padding of fight gloves and sparring gloves, fight gloves are a lot less padded. These gloves that are designed for competitions have very little to no padding at all. They are very light, at merely 4 oz. Hence, they are not to be used when sparring.

If you combine all those gloves, you come up with hybrid gloves. They are part sparring, part bag and part fight gloves. But according to some experts, you’d be better off if you have all three types of gloves, especially if you are serious about having a professional career in MMA. It is also advisable when competing to have a new fight gloves as they will provide the best protection.

When using these gloves, it is recommend to use the handwraps, as they will soften the impact of the punches even more. Handwraps are used pretty much everytime, whether fighting or sparring.

There are two different sizes of MMA gloves: the 4 oz and the 6 oz. For beginners, the densely padded 6 oz will provide maximum fist protection. For MMA professionals and competitors, the 4 oz will be ideal.

The best quality MMA gloves are the ones with double stitches, as they will last longer than one-stitched gloves. If you want to clean the gloves, do not wash them or put them in the laundry. Keep the interior of the gloves clean by using a bandage.

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