Thomas Edison: The Man Who Showed Us the Light

Thomas Edison: The Man Who Showed Us the Light

Everyone knows Thomas Edison as an inventor best known for the light bulb but there are few people that know too much else about him. Testing and increasing knowledge about the inventor can be done with a simple quiz. There are several bits of Thomas Edison trivia that could be included in a quiz about him.


One question that might appear is what his full name is. The answer is Thomas Alva Edison. What were the dates of his birth and death? The answers are February 11, 1847 and October 18, 1931. Where these events took place might also be questions asked as part of a Thomas Edison quiz. Milan, Ohio and Fort Myers, Florida are the answers to these two questions.


Thomas Edison trivia will also include the fact that he was only 21 when he got his first patent. The invention was the electric vote recorder. A bit of not so well know trivia is that his parents were Samuel Ogden Edison Jr. and Nancy Matthews Elliot, he was the seventh child of the couple. The reason he began school late could also be a question included in a quiz about Edison. It was because of a childhood illness. The fact that he was only in school three months prior to being kicked out is something else that might come up as a question about Thomas Edison.


How did Thomas Edison receive his education after being kicked out of school? His mother had previously been employed as a teacher so she home schooled him. It was during this time that she encouraged him to experiment and even taught him to experiment in addition to teaching him reading. Where did the lessons that Edison was taught during his home school years mainly come from? R.G. Parker’s School of natural philosophy is the answer to this part of the quiz.


Another interesting fact that might be included in Thomas Edison trivia is that he married Mary Stilwell on the 25ht of December in 1871. What were the names of the couple’s three children? Marion Estelle Edison was the oldest and only daughter of the couple, the other two children were sons Thomas Alva Edison Jr. and William Leslie Edison are the answer to this and something that few people actually know.  


Another question included in Thomas Edison trivia could include that in 1884 his first wife died. Edison would remarry on the 24th of February in 1886. The age of his bride Mina Miller might also be included as a question in a quiz about Edison’s life. She was only nineteen years old at the time. The couple had three children together. Take a quiz about Thomas Edison today and see just how much you really know about the inventor.



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