Trump Network Donald Trump Network Marketing…What?

Trump Network Donald Trump Network Marketing…What?

Believe it or not, Donald Trump has joined MLM.

Believe it or not Donald Trump has his own MLM company called The Trump Network. Some might say Donald Trump is crazy for joining MLM. Isn’t MLM considered to be a pyramid scam? Did Donald Trump go crazy?

Auctually Donald Trump is not crazy. He is smarter than most because he has landed in the right industry for our current economy. Donald realizes that you must diversify especially in hard times. He knows the state of our economy and he plans on not letting an opportunity like this slip by.

One Industry Decline Another Rises To The Top

We learn from the past and when we look back history has shown us that when one industry begins to fail others emerge. In the early 90’s real estate was seeing hard times but MLM was bounding with growth. That’s when a flock of marketers dove into the MLM arena. Donald Trump knows history repeats itself and is positioned for the next big explosion of growth in MLM. Look at our current real estate condition. There are plenty of professional marketers out of work. The network marketing industry is poised to explode with growth as these folks migrate into network marketing.

No wonder why Donald Trump started The Trump Network. Trump Network is a network marketing company that sells vitamins and health products not unlike other MLM companies in the industry. Donald also realizes a huge difference and potential in the market for MLM and that is the internet. It’s not the 90’s anymore.

MLM has always been a one-on-one face-to-face meet in person business. With today’s internet opportunity you can find people all over the world with just a click. When you are online your business is global. Many MLM companies already hold a worldwide presence and are moving their products all over the planet. Before you had a memory jogger and a warm list. Today network marketer’s have the ability to sponsor people all over the world. Imagine sponsoring a new rep in London who you met on myspace. The possibilities are endless.

So don’t think Donald Trump and The Trump Network is crazy. Donald Trump understands this and has staked his claim.

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