UN HONEST Abe? Need help on VERY important report!!!?

Question by tiger101: UN HONEST Abe? Need help on VERY important report!!!?
so for my 11th grade US history class, Im writing a 2000 word report on Abraham Lincoln. Now he has always been my favorite president and historical figure since I was six, but lately Ive been having some trouble with him. Since Ive been doing a lot of research on him Ive discovered some unpleasant things! There are so many sites that are called “The Dark Side of Abraham Lincoln” “Forced into glory” “Un honest Abe” “The Truth about Lincoln” and they talk about him being extremely raciest, wanting to ship african americans out of the US, sending escaped slaves back to their owners, throwing people who protested against him in jail, etc etc!!! then there are others sites that talk about what a wonderful, non racial man he was. I have no idea what to believe!! Do I write about both sides and if so how do I tie them together because they are so completely different? Thank you so much for listening! Please help 🙂

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Answer by Rose O
Not all sites (especially wiki) are true. write about the solid FACTS the ones you for sure know and then at a few sentences saying something like according to some sites on the net a …. or there are a few things people dont know about him. I dont know abot the racist thing but why would he fight for blacks when he hated them?? No one couldve forced him too, Now if u want to write about something like that look up columbus and all the crap (found in history books) HE did.

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