weezy theory solved?? “why does everyone hate lil wayne” legit or no?

Question by lilv4t098: weezy theory solved?? “why does everyone hate lil wayne” legit or no?
well for those who dont really mind another wayne question out of the 50 follwing his one and the 1000 preceding..
well here is my theory and question.
if you dont care for him, than you can put your “hate wayne” (or me for that matter) comment on here. im all eyes.

okay so here it is…i lost respect after wayne became all rock/pop i think everybody has some love for him but hes just wayyy over rated. nobody can deny that they have a song of wayne that they like. and what made it worse was rebirth. (i can only say it wasnt too good of any album minus Drop The World) anyways.. people probaly miss the old wayne. now last year when he released the “No Ceilings” mixtape i gained some respect because i sensed no autotune rock ish on there. which is suppose to be used only by T-Pain.. Now just this weekend ive listened to some songs by him which gain madd respect for him.. they are off his next album (which is no longer an EP) “I Am Not A Human” The songs are called “Gonorrhea” ft Drake “With You” ft. Drake & “Bill Gates”


PS. im rarely on here so i just wanted to put my first & LAST weezy statement and question on here.
OR NOBODY!! lol just anwer itl get u free points lol.
okay se we are gettin somewhere lol. yeahh i dont hate wayne as a person nor his fans (dick riders) casue well bascialy his “retarded” music is what makes most people happy..

lol that guy who anwsered below must hate over 1000X people in this would, cuz thats how many people actulaly like him, anyways thanks for the opinions everyone, thats all i asked.

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Answer by Nicole
I agree…..He’s all over the place (I want the Hot Boyz Weezy to come back)

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