What did you think of Donald Trump “buying” raw?

Question by HBK will Live Forever: What did you think of Donald Trump “buying” raw?
i dont really have a problem with it even though i wuldve liked it if it was someone to do with wrestling but its culd b worse and i think Trump wont b on tv that much i think next week he’ll hire a GM who will b opn tv for most of the time Trump will make some appearences and thats it i dont think it’ll b that bad i mean Mike Adamle was a lot worse then this i mean come on

BQ is HHH vs Orton set for the Bash or just for next week cuz on wwe.com it says its on The Bash and raw so whos right

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Answer by Madi♥
So fake, but it was a good decision. We get no commercials!! WOOHOO

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