What Everyone Should Know About the Legend Jim Rohn

What Everyone Should Know About the Legend Jim Rohn

Who was Jim Rohn?

Jim Rohn was one of the most influential business philosophers and inspirational speakers of the last 40 years. His influence through his philosophy and motivational seminars, touched thousands of lives throughout the world, including mine. This is a tribute to the memory of Jim Rohn, a legend in his own time and a wonderful human being.

His influence improved the lives and advanced the careers of other great people in the personal development industry like Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hanson, Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield, to name but a few.

Anthony Robbins, the Author of Unlimited Power said this about Jim Rohn: “I truly believe Jim Rohn is an exceptional person whose philosophy can enhance the quality of life for any person who exposes themselves to it. He certainly had a positive impact on my life at a time in my life when I was laying the foundation for my philosophies that is a guide for me today”.

His character and principles

One of the profound characteristics of this man was his genuine sincerity, his realness and his core integrity. One-on-one, he was as down-to-earth as he was on stage before an audience of thousands of people. He never took shortcuts, just in identifying your dreams and reaching them by working hard day by day. For Jim, being successful was the result of daily disciplined effort: “Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals”.

Jim stuck with the fundamentals and principles. Nothing he taught was new. This modest and humble man communicated such an extraordinarily life-changing message in simple and straightforward language. He could paint with words and his powerful quotes remain evidence for many of his talent to motivate others. One of my favorite Jim Rohn quotes: “Failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day”, reminds me that we can all change the course of our lives today by evaluating and correcting the errors in our thinking and judgment.

Sadly Jim Rohn passed away on 5 December 2009 after an 18 month battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Jim’s legacy will be around forever. Jim challenged every soul he came into contact with, to be your best in terms of health, wealth and happiness and to use your faith to propel you to achieve dreams worthy of you. He set a tough act by leading in example.

Journey to success

Jim grew up as an Idaho farming boy. At twenty-five, he was a average family man in a personal crisis. He could not pay his debt and he had to support his family. Jim met John Earl Shoaff at that time, who became his life’s mentor and challenged him to change his philosophy and life plan. Jim joined Mr. Shoaff’s organization and started his journey in personal development. By thirty-one years of age, the application of this new life-plan returned the fruit of a millionaire.

Jim then continued to share his philosophy and personal development journey with audiences all over the globe in in many forms of seminars, recordings and books. He traveled far and wide in his lifetime speak to over 6000 audiences (4 million people worldwide) in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. The ripple effect of hearing him speak expanded further than the many people that started their journey to improve their lives.

This was the start of his business success

Jim joined a MLM company part time. He was working his job during the day and at night, he worked on his network marketing business. During the early years Jim build his network marketing business the difficult way. Today’s technology to market online was still in the minds of their inventors. He held meetings, invited prospects to the meetings, and had to be creative to find prospects in warm and cold markets. He worked hard and he did everything required in what we will call “old school marketing strategies”. Jim was very persistent and through his disciplined effort became very successful.

Achieve the same success as Jim Rohn in Network Marketing

Achieve the same success as Jim Rohn in your Network Marketing business without doing it the difficult methods, like Jim was forced to. You have the potential of the internet available. Jim did not have that. You have the power of attraction online marketing systems available to generate leads and build your network marketing business. Jim did not have that available. You must be disciplined and take daily disciplined action to implement these online marketing strategies. Jim was very disciplined and that was the root of his success.

A combination of Jim’s philosophy and persistence, with your own discipline and desire to learn and use a innovative lead generation system like MLMleadsystempro, will place you in the path to business success. This plan will let you harness the great power of the internet to generate 20 leads a day on autopilot from the comfort of your home.

Jim Rohn was a wonderful leader. You can become one too. You need to make good decisions, evaluate your life and become an expert in online marketing. Build your mlm business online the way that today’s 7-figure income earners do.

If you are not happy with the results you get in your network marketing business, change it as Jim said: “If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.”

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