What would you think if this happened with the Donald Trump “ownership”?

Question by Authentic White Boy: What would you think if this happened with the Donald Trump “ownership”?
around Summerslam Vince takes over Smackdown and ECW merges the 2 together, then has a real Smackdown vs Raw

they start at Surmmerslam or Survivor Series, and end at Wrestlemania, that EVERY match on the PPV is a SD vs Raw match,
merge all the Titles

eventualy have 1 maybe 2 big storylines that they have a tratior and they switchbrands
and at Wrestlemania, they have all the unified title matches and all the other Smackdown vs Raw matches, (It would be better for Donald Trump vs Vince McMahon) then this would be diffrent but have Vince Pick 3 stars then Trump would pick 3 then they would fight, but not a 6-man-tag, 1 vs 1, 1 vs1, 1vs1, but heres the catch, they will be in a best-of-7 match, and seperatly best-of-3 meaning if 2 of Vince’s picked stars win then Vince gets ownership over Raw again, but if 2 of Trumps stars win, then Trump owns Raw and Smackdown
they would start like the NBA, the first 2 would be on the show of the star who has won the most WWE/WHC titles the 2, 1, 1, 1

then for storyline have 2 end like a week or 2 before mania where one of Trumps stars have won there best of 7 series and one of Vinces stars have won there series early aswell, then the otherone goes to a 7th match at Wrestlemania, that series would be Cena vs Undertaker at Mania if Taker wins McMahon has 100% ownership of WWE same for Trump if Cena wins

long but would this keep you watching to Wrestlemania, or where would you stop watching

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Answer by Randy Alstone
Well, actually I don’t know where this will go..
But it won’t be a feud like Raw Vs SmackDown, I guess..

Instead of new GM Vince gave as a New Owner..
We have to check what is next in the coming weeks..

I do think Vince will get the ownership back, but I have no idea how that will be.

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