Which one should I go w/ to sell? “Avon” or “Mary Kay”?

Question by Guillermo S: Which one should I go w/ to sell? “Avon” or “Mary Kay”?
Both cosmetic lines are popular and I want to makemore of an internet business out of it though. Which one should I sell though?? I’m really interested in wanting to come out w/ my own anti-aging skin care line, right now going to an institute for esthetics to get the background but also for more experience and to make some extra money, I was considering Avon but then was thinking of Mary Kay as well? Which is a better buy or sell I should say?

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Answer by Tasha A
Well the choice is really yours, both a very competitive company’s and household names. I sell Avon and I choose to sell it because it was a low start up cost of only and I don’t have to have inventory on hand. So It really just depends on which one your prefer or even which one do you better associate yourself with. I actually was buying Avon and mark products before I became a Rep so it just made sense to go with Avon. Good luck!

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