who can write me a essay like the following but the subject as “Bill Gates”?

Question by cllambert2006: who can write me a essay like the following but the subject as “Bill Gates”?
Thomas Edison

To whom it may concern,

This is to help you determine whether or not you should choose Thomas Edison as the Face of The Breakfast of Champions cereal box. Thomas Edison is a very couragous, independent, and determined man. For these reasons alone, he should be allowed to grace the cover of your cereal box. Along with these traits, he has had an impact on society like no other man in the modern time. His many inventions have helped start many opportunies and have helped us see, literally.

Thomas Edison has been a prime example of courage his whole life. Primarily throughout the period of years when he spent his time devoted towards creating the lightbulb. He spent many years and several hundred tries to creat the lightbulb. During his time experimenting in Menlo park, he faced tough criticism by his fellow scientists and sceptics alike who deemed his goal inachievable. He proved the world wrong on December 31, 1879, when he first demonstrated his incadecent light bulb in Menlo Park. He deserves an opportunity to be recognized for this show of courage.

Another reason Thomas Edison is deserving of a spot on your cover is because he is very independent. Using the same example as before, during his time deceloping his incandecent light bulb, he had the support of no one. He could only rely on himself for support and help. He was virtualy a hermit in his little wooden cabin in Menlo Park. He had the help of only 2 of his close friends, and they had little experience with science and experimentation. This is a show of independence and adversity that should be recognized by the youth of America.

One more reason Edison should be featuered on your cover is because of his show of determination. Once more using the previous example, Edison spent years developing his light bulb. He was told that his goal of making a working incadecent light bulb was inachievable. For many years he faced this kind of sceptisism, but he kept on working through it all. He was determined to complete his invention and prove them all wrong, but mostly, he just wanted to invent something that would help the world.

Thomas Edison was not in it for the money. He was an inventor because he wanted to help the world. His inventions did just that. They change the world. Imagine a world without a light bulb. Or maybe voice recorders. His inventions also sparked many more that would not have been made if not for Thomas Edison. He was a man of the world. Not thinking of himself, but of others. He was couragous, independent, and determined. I think these were the most important qualities that defines him as a hero and a prime canidate for the cover of your cereal box.

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