Who helps build Malaysia Most-Political or Business Leaders?

This is Ramli’s Video Journey-Thoughts of Ramli Abu Hassan’s series: In this video YOU will see the following texts: Who is more Important ? The Political Leader or The Business Leader ? Who helps the Rakyat most ? The Politician or the Businessman? Why are there more companies in business than there are more political parties in this World ? YOU tell ME now,who is More Important ? What’s so important about this subject of a Political Leader and Business Leader? Everyone in Malaysia may know who is Tengku Abdul Rahman,Tun Abdul Razak,Tun Hussein Onn,Tun Dr.Mahathir,Datuk Seri Abdullah Hj.Ahmad Badawi and all our political leaders both in BN and BA.In fact they should also know who is Dato Onn Jaffar,Tun Tan Cheng Lock,Tun Sambanthan,Dato’Asri,Tan Sri Khir Johari and so many others that have passed away.Read your history books and so many other books will inform YOU who our Politicians are?Sadly,based on survey,Malaysians only read an average of 2 books per year so maybe not many knows about all our Great Politicians. OK,then do all Malaysians know who are Malaysia’s Celebrities like Tan Sri P.Ramlee,Puan Sri Saloma,Sudirman,Param,Dato’Jamali Shadat,Dato’Ahmad Nawab,Dato Jins Shamsuddin and so many others?Yes,they know them all because Malaysians love entertainment with all the bangsawan,ronggeng,dangdut,boria,zapin,joget,cha chacha,agogo,twist,hip hop,etc…entertainment especially in Malays is a major part of their culture! What then about Malaysia’s Business Heroes

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