Why do so many people think Lincoln “freed the slaves”….ALL the slaves?

Question by Hobo Bob: Why do so many people think Lincoln “freed the slaves”….ALL the slaves?
“The [Emancipation] Proclamation was issued in two parts. The first part, issued on September 22, 1862, was a preliminary announcement outlining the intent of the second part, which officially went into effect 100 days later on January 1, 1863, during the second year of the Civil War. It was Abraham Lincoln’s declaration that all slaves would be permanently freed in all areas of the Confederacy that had not already returned to federal control by January 1863. The ten affected states were individually named in the second part. Not included were the Union slave states of Maryland, Delaware, Missouri and Kentucky. Also not named was the state of Tennessee, which was at the time more or less evenly split between Union and Confederacy. ”

tyler………..that was a BRILLIANT rebuttal….lol
itsjust……….”The Union states had already freed their slaves”

NO–they hadn’t.

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Answer by tyler2000131
wickipedia is unreliable you can post anything on there. and lincoln did free the slaves.

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