Will Warren Buffett Defeat Cancer Of The Prostate?

The latest news that Warren Buffett has been clinically determined with prostate cancer generated a ripple of apprehension all over the investment community, however Buffett took great pains to reassure Berkshire Hathaway stockholders and investors that nothing has changed.The investment genius is 81 years old, and at this age stage 1 prostate cancer is not usually deemed extremely serious or life threatening in many instances. Lab tests showed there are no other cancer locations and Buffett claimed that he is definitely experiencing fine.

It is highly unlikely the individual who fought his way to monetary achievements and investment stardom will succumb to prostate cancer. More than 70% of the men who’re clinically determined with this particular kind of cancer will not die from the disease but alternatively from unrelated factors. This kind of cancer has a 5 year survival rate that is almost 100%, and given that Warren Buffett was clinically determined very fast, in the first stage the chances are that the illness won’t slow the man down any.

Doctors all predict that Warren Buffett could conquer prostate cancer without any troubles, even at the age of 81. Starting in the middle of July Buffett will get a two month series of radiation treatment to destroy the cancer cells , and he will have many travel restrictions in place while he goes through the treatment. The person still goes to work every day and has not really endured shortage of energy due to the medical diagnosis, and his upbeat mentality could make a huge difference in the outcome.

Shareholders in Berkshire Hathaway have full confidence in the management team in position at the business, and Buffett has made it very clear that he is still in charge and in control. Howard Buffett, son of the investment expert and next in line at the firm, won’t be taking over while his father receives treatment. The company has added two new persons as investment supervisors but the daily procedures won’t change any.

Warren Buffett is known around the world as an investment and financial genius, and the diagnosis of prostate cancer did not even phase him. Like everything else Buffett took the news in stride, and then continued with what he does best. With a billion dollar money, exceptional doctors, and an early diagnosis it is unlikely that the prostate cancer will succeed in this battle.

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