Woolworth’s New Everyday Money Credit Card

Woolworth’s New Everyday Money Credit Card

If you are a Woolworths customer or thinking of becoming one then the new “Woolworths Everyday Money Credit Card” offer is for you. The advantage of the new Woolworths credit card is that it rewards you for being a loyal shopper. You receive bonus points from Shopping at Woolworths and Woolworths partner stores around Australia.

Rewards For Shopping at Woolworths Supermarket

Earn 3 points for every dollar spent on select products at Woolworths supermarkets. If you spend 0 on food shopping per week then this would equate to 600 bonus points added to your Everyday Money bonus points account. Earn 2 points for every other product you buy at Woolworths, Safeway, Big W, CALTEX WOOLWORTHS/SAFEWAY co-branded fuel outlets, epump, Woolworths/Safeway Liquor, Dick Smith PowerHouse and participating Dick Smith Electronics and Tandy stores. The Everyday Money deal also gives you 1 point for any other purchases made on your credit card. This product gives you the opportunity to earn reward points for your everyday shopping in Australia.

Redeeming your Points

Every 4 months depending on how many points you have earned in this period Woolworths customers will earn a Shopping Card that can be used at Woolworths stores and participating partner networks. The shopping card can be used for anything from food shopping to the petrol pump.

Credit Card Features

The Woolworths Everyday Money Card is issued on behalf of the HSBC Bank and is subject to their lending requirements. The low purchase interest rate as of September 5 2008 is 18.99 percent. For a limited time only the Everyday Money Mastercard comes with a zero percent on balance transfers until February 09 and zero dollar annual fee for the first year…after which the annual fee is per year. If the balance transfer is not paid off within this period then the standard purchase rate of 18.99 percent applies.


If you are a Woolworths customers and a responsible credit card user then the rewards program offered by the Everyday Money Mastercard will provide you with advantageous benefits. Woolworths is one of Australia’s most reputable organisations and the partnership with HSBC Bank gives the Australian consumers a deal that will save.

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