You Must Work Hard To Be Rich-myth Or Truth?

You Must Work Hard To Be Rich-myth Or Truth?

‘One of the most common myths about getting rich or achieving financial success is that working hard is the key to create wealth,’ declared Jamie McIntyre. Jamie is a very much sought after personal development coach and has traveled all over the world meeting and learning from some of the best teachers in this world including the, Anthony Robbins, General Norman Schwarzkopf and Robert Kiyosaki.

He further insisted that, ‘working hard and making money have nothing in common, I repeat, nothing to do with each other in this modern time.’ Why is this man making such very powerful but controversial statements? Well, he backed up his statements with the following explanation. He uses his dad, a farmer as an example.

His father started off with nothing but is a millionaire now.This man, like most framers, believes that true hard work is the key to success and that was how he became a millionaire. He believed that this is the truth to wealth creation.

Jamie explained to his dad that hard work did not guarantee or actually play a major role in his dad’s wealth. In fact it is a myth. His dad is a wealthy today because of the appreciation of value on his farm land property. The farm is now worth more that a million bucks when his bought it decades ago at a mere ,000 dollars. Despite the fact that his dad was truly working hard on the farm for many years, this did not make the farmer wealthy. Income from the farm has actually dipped badly and the man would never save a million dollars from his farm’s income even if he worked hard on it for several lifetimes.

His father’s wealth was created by buying the farmland property at a low price and the increasing value of the land over a period of time. Anyone who have read Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’book will find this theory familiar.

His father’s wealth was amassed even when he was sleeping and almost without any effort at all. It is true that good work ethic and some hard work in the beginning helped but the most important feature was the investing of his money on the property and letting his money work for him.

Then Jamie went on to use his mother as another example. His mother had always wanted to open a coffee shop. She did not realize that many years later, she was offered to buy the entire building in which the coffee shop was located.

However she did not buy it because she had already borrowed a lot of money for the coffee shop business and did not like the idea of borrowing anymore money. She was being mistakenly prudent.

She worked very hard for many many years, often not paying herself a salary (another big mistake, as another rule for wealth creation is to always pay yourself first). She often worked hard to pay the shop’s rental. She was working real hard but with a miserable return for the investment and labor.

You see,if she only she had borrowed another 0,000 for the building,she could have:-

a) Charged her coffee shop business a higher rent since the money still comes back to her. Even if her business only managed to pay the rent, it could be used to return the borrowed money.

b) The building would appreciate in value over time making her a lot of money without working and plus her charging a higher rental, it automatically make the building even more valuable.

c) She can sell away her coffee shop business and kept the building profiting from the sale of her business and then have the new tenants paying her rentals for the shop. Now she need not work to have a steady flow of passive income.

d) If she still wants to work, she could work part time for the new owner and then picking up another income stream. The truth is that so many streams of passive income now, his mother could be rich without working hard.

So,in order to be rich you must work hard,is a truth or a myth? Find out for yourself as Jamie is giving away his free financial wealth planning ebook at my blog below.

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