Your Business And Personal Needs Can Be Met Through Screen Printing New Jersey

If you are looking for screen printing New Jersey gives you a lot of ways to give customized business or personal items.

Screen printing originates from the ancient Chinese, who used silk in making silkscreened art work. For many years, screen printing was called silkscreen printing based on the use of silk, but now a range of materials are used, such as synthetic fabrics or steel.

In the 1960s, screen printing got a great deal of attention in the United States based on the popularity of artist Andy Warhol’s screen printing art work of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s tomato soup cans.

Many products today are offered by screen printing New Jersey shops. Screen printing is used frequently to create clothing with customized designs, such as tee shirts, polo shirts, and hats. It is common to observe it used on other types of clothing as well. Shops can also offer to have your design printed onto high quality, name brand clothes.

One method for businesses to promote their business is through the use of screen printing on items. One idea my father used to promote his business was getting his company’s logo and information printed on adhesive notepads, which he gave away at the yearly convention. These brought in more business when people returned to their home cities and used them for messages to others.

You can make your brand more prominent by featuring it on customized products. When people see your employees or customers wearing sweat shirts or tee shirts with your logo, it makes an impression, and they are more likely to think of your company the next time they need a service.

It is also common to use screen printing for items such as magnets, pens, stickers, mugs, and golf tees, which can be given away during promotions. It is even possible to get novelty chocolates with your design on them.

There are options other than the front of a tee shirt if you are thinking about having your design used on clothing. For example, designs can now be printed in specialty places, such as inside hoods or over zippers.

Traditionally, screen printing included up to eight spot colors. If you want to use a great deal of colors, your printer can use the four-color process.

If you are interested, be sure to request environmentally friendly discharge printing, which some printing shops make available. Your design can include specialty inks, such as glow-in-the-dark, shimmer, fluorescent, or puff prints.

Be sure to select a screen printing New Jersey shop that will meet the deadline for your product as well as make future reordering easy.

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